Writing Shifting Reality Scripts

This guide focuses on tools anyone can use to craft therapeutic shifting meditation scripts and recordings that are safe, effective, and beneficial to one’s personal growth. Learn how to write…

This guide focuses on tools anyone can use to craft therapeutic shifting meditation scripts and recordings that are safe, effective, and beneficial to one’s personal growth. Learn how to write personal shifting scripts that not only allow you to explore your desired reality but also help you to enrich your current reality.

What is the Shifting Realities Trend?

Towards the end of 2020, a trend began to take hold among youth on various social media outlets such as Tik Tok and YouTube, referred to as “Shifting Realities”. When initially asked to compose a script for a guided meditation based around this concept, I was somewhat perplexed. Nonetheless, as I discovered more about this trend, I could appreciate the concept; since when working with clients who seek personalized meditations, it is customary for me to incorporate visualizations about their preferred mental landscape. Sometimes this would include elements of fantasy and sci-fi. It was also interesting to note that many of the proposed shifting methods were simply induction techniques in hypnosis and traditional meditation. Regardless, I still wanted to learn more about how I could capture the ideas of this reality shifting trend in a meditation script for my clients.

At the time, I was only able to find one study on the reality shifting trend:

Benson, E., & O’Brien, J. (2020). Reality shifting: Psychological features of an emergent online daydreaming culture. Journal of Online Psychology and Culture, 11(1), 1-16.

The results of this study revealed that reality shifting is often used as a form of self-expression and exploration that people engage in to escape the monotony or stressors of everyday life. Participants reported feeling more relaxed, creative, and inspired after engaging in reality shifting compared to their regular state and some noted increased levels of confidence as they explored different aspects of themselves through their shifting experiences. The findings suggested that reality shifting could be beneficial for individuals struggling with negative emotions or difficult circumstances, such as the repercussions of the recent worldwide pandemic.

A further analysis of the reality shifting trend revealed parallels to traditional mindfulness techniques, suggesting a sort of revival among the current generation.

Though the authority of this new mindfulness trend may be attributed to blog sites without substantial literature, those with prior experience in meditation, hypnosis and the induction process can identify traditional relaxation and visualization techniques in each shifting method.

The main goal of creating a shifting meditation is to create the perfect mental, emotional, and physical conditions for the listener so that they can reach a suggestible state of mind, much like that of hypnosis, since we are attempting to reprogram the listener’s subconscious mind so that they are open to shifting. This state is a combination of relaxation and focus that enables shifters to explore their desired reality by utilizing the limitless potential of human intention and imagination.

A simple online search will reveal various shifting strategies that are often used in this practice. You can think of the following shifting methods as induction techniques in hypnotherapy.

I will attempt to summarize and provide a script tip for each technique. These are simply my interpretations of the shifting methods that have become popular on social media, and what my client’s frequently request. Other scriptwriters may have different approaches for each method.

Popular Shifting Reality Methods

A raven sitting on a branch referring to the raven method shifting technique

The Raven Method of shifting focuses on the process of identifying and connecting with one’s inner self.

It encourages individuals to become aware of their thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, beliefs and patterns so they can better understand how these influence their behavior in life. This shifting method involves focusing the listener’s attention on their breath while having them visualize an image (often a bird or raven) as it flies away into the sky; this helps to create space between the individual and challenging emotions or situations.

Meditation techniques are then used to explore any repressed emotions before learning tools to develop self-compassion and acceptance that they can experience in their desired reality.

Script Tip: “Imagine yourself in an elevator, ascending floor by floor until you reach a place of peace and clarity… Release any negative energy with each new level, replacing it with positive thoughts that will guide you to your desired destination.”

Alice in wonderland shifting reality method

The Alice in Wonderland Method is a psychological approach that encourages the exploration of one’s inner world through visual imagination.

This method involves entering an imaginary setting and imagining yourself as part of it, while allowing your emotions to guide you throughout this journey. This method has been used for creative problem-solving, self-discovery and healing purposes by therapists worldwide since its inception in the 1960’s. The main aim is to make sense of difficult situations or feelings from within rather than looking at them externally.

Script Tip: “Visualize yourself following the white rabbit as it hops ahead of you… Notice the sights, smells and sensations around you as if it were real… Focus on your breathing, take deep breaths to relax further into this journey with each exhale.”

Picture of a train referring to the train shifting realities method

The train method focuses on positive affirmations and visualizations.

It can involve picturing oneself ‘riding’ a train, with each car representing different aspects of the desired life. While riding this metaphorical train, one can focus on the feelings associated with each compartment; for example if the listener wanted to manifest wealth or success, then you can guide them to visualize themselves feeling content and empowered in achieving those goals while aboard the ‘train’. The idea behind this technique is to help build up momentum and create a more powerful emotional connection between what one desires and how they feel about it – thus creating a greater sense of certainty when attempting to manifest personal goals into their current reality.

Script Tip: “Picture yourself on a train, slowly moving forward… With each station that you pass, take in the scenery and allow any stress or worries to drift away… Feel your body relaxing as you progress towards your destination with clarity and a peace of mind.”

A spiraling staircase referring to the staircase shifting hypnosis method

The Staircase Method is a technique that can be used to help shift one’s state of mind from one thought pattern or mood to another.

This method involves visualizing yourself climbing up a staircase, with each step representing an increased level of consciousness and awareness. With each successive step, listeners are prompted to notice changes in the quality and clarity of their thoughts as well as feeling more relaxed and centered; until eventually arriving at the top of the steps where they can enter their desired reality with greater ease.

Script Tip: “Imagine yourself standing at the bottom of a staircase. As you slowly ascend each step, let go of any feelings or thoughts associated with that level. Welcome positive energies to replace them as you climb higher and higher.”

three elevator doors referring to the elevator induction technique

The Elevator shifting method consists of visualizing yourself in an elevator, slowly rising from the ground floor to your desired destination.

As the listener ascends each floor, they can imagine releasing any feelings or thoughts associated with their current reality before shifting into their desired reality. This classic technique is found in many hypnosis scripts and can be an effective visualization tool to enter a more suggestive and relaxed state.

Script Tip: “Focus on the numbers as they slowly rise from one to ten, with each floor – releasing any negative thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing… And as these energies leave you, embrace positive ones in their place as you move upwards towards your desired reality”

Number 11 countdown shifting method

The Eleven Method is a simple yet effective mindfulness technique that involves counting down from eleven to one.

Count the listener down from 11 to 1, instructing them to imagine releasing any negative emotions or thoughts associated with each number and embracing positive energies in their place. This is a common induction technique in hypnosis, and you can play around with the number depending on the preference of your audience. I’m often requested to create custom guided shifting recordings for clients that have trouble reaching what is commonly referred to as the “Alpha state”, so I personally prefer using a 100 to 1 countdown method with subliminal sound effects and affirmations (see the free shifting reality script below as an example).

Script Tip: “Begin to relax as you count down from 11 to 1, releasing any worries or doubts with each number. Feel the energy in the room shift and connect with the positivity of this moment as you reach 1… 11, allowing the feeling of calm and stillness to begin entering your body…”

Piano and pianist referring to the piano shifting reality method

The Piano Method is a shifting technique that involves envisioning yourself playing the piano.

In this method you can guide the listener into focusing on playing a piano, inviting them to imagine pressing down on each key and encourage them to become centered in the present moment of their experience. This method helps individuals practice mindfulness about their thoughts and feelings as they shift from their current reality into their desired reality.

Script Tip: “As you focus on the piano, imagine each key as a different emotion. Visualize and listen to every sound that comes from hitting each chord. Feel these emotions filling your body like waves of energy until they are released in an all-encompassing harmony within yourself.”

Candles in the skylight referring to progressive muscle relaxation reality shifting method

The Melt Method is commonly requested as a self-healing exercise used to help people manage pain.

This method uses induction techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation to create a state of physical, mental, and emotional calm- especially for those suffering from acute or chronic pain. The listener can be guided into a deep state of relaxation by imagining their mental stress and bodily tension slowly melting away “like wax to a flame”.

Script Tip: “As you behold the flame’s gentle glow, notice the wax begin to melt down its sides. Feel each drop as it cascades around your body like a soft blanket of warmth and relaxation. Allow this sensation to bring peace into every corner of your being until you are completely enveloped by calmness.”

An old couple embracing each other a self-healing technique also used for shifting

The Hug Method is a mindfulness technique that involves visualizing yourself being embraced in a warm and comforting hug.

This method can help to promote feelings of safety, love, and acceptance as the listener allows themselves to be enveloped by the feeling of connection with their environment, a loved one, or an imaginary friend. This would be appropriate to use for listeners who seek harmony and reconciliation with themselves, with people in their current reality, or perhaps even with those in desired reality.

Script Tip: “Imagine a hug from someone close to you or an entity of love. Feel their warmth…. Embrace the comfort and let it fill you with joy. Allow this feeling to slowly expand as if hugging reality itself, allowing peace and understanding in all that is seen.”

A women looking at the reflection in the mirror referring to reality shifting method

The Mirror Method is a shifting technique that involves metaphorically standing in front of an imaginary mirror.

The shifter is prompted to self-reflect, observing their thoughts and emotions without judgment or criticism. This technique encourages individuals to take a step back from their experiences and objectively assess them while cultivating empathy towards oneself. Through this more compassionate lens, one can better identify potential solutions for any problems they may be facing.

Script Tip: “Visualize yourself standing in front of a mirror and observe the reflection before you. As you look into it, feel the presence of any negative energy dissipate as peace washes over your body. Step out from behind the looking glass with newfound clarity on who you are and where to go next.”

A girl jumping into a shifting portal for falling method reality shifting

The Falling Method is a shifting technique that involves visualizing yourself slowly descending from the highest point of relaxation to your desired destination.

As the listener descends deeper into subconscious thought, they are guided to imagine releasing negative emotions or thoughts associated with each level of consciousness, allowing feelings of pleasure, comfort, and healing to accompany their perpetual journey, eventually landing in their desired reality. This method also helps individuals focus on what they want for their future instead of worrying about problems of their past or current reality.

Script Tip: “Imagine yourself falling peacefully into a wormhole filled with love and healing. Feel yourself transported to the reality you desire, surrounded by peace and light… Enjoy this journey of transformation as it leads you closer to your highest self.”

An eye in the clouds referring to the eye method or eye fixation induction in shifting realities

The Eye Method is a shifting technique that involves using your eyes to shift focus from one point of attention to another.

This is a method that has it’s roots in hypnotherapy. It is an induction technique used to help the listener relax as they reach an altered state of consciousness. It involves focusing on one object or image for an extended period of time until they enter a trance-like state that makes them more open to immersing themselves in their desired reality.

Script Tip: “Focus your gaze on a single point, observing the environment around you with an open and nonjudgmental attitude. As you take in each detail of this space, slowly allow yourself to travel up an elevator as if ascending from floor one towards your desired destination. With every stop along the way, feel free to release any thoughts or feelings associated with that level while embracing positive energies instead.”

purple blue sunset on rocky beach referring to Julia shifting method

The Julia Method is a mindfulness technique that was developed by psychotherapist and author, Dr. Julie Hanks.

This method involves using positive affirmations to help individuals stay present in moments of tension or stress. Listeners are asked to think of a positive phrase they want to focus on, such as “I am open minded” and repeat it several times whenever anxiety arises. The goal is for individuals to be able recognize their thoughts with non-judgmental awareness before engaging in self-defeating behavior patterns.

Script Tip: “Why not imagine yourself on a beautiful beach. Feel the sun’s warmth upon you as you take in the smell of saltwater and listen to the calming rhythm of waves lapping against the shore. Now repeat to yourself: I am in a peaceful and serene place, surrounded by beauty. As each wave rolls in and out, I am filled with positive energy. I can achieve anything I desire. I am worthy of reaching my goals.”

A couch with pillows and blankets referring to shifting realities technique

The Pillow Method is a shifting technique that involves placing a pillow or cushion on the ground and lying down with your back against it.

This shifting reality method involves visualizing oneself being wrapped in a warm and comforting blanket, taking in calming energy while exhaling any stressors as if they are being released into the floor below. This relaxation practice can help individuals to de-stress from their daily lives and focus more on positive feelings, setting the perfect conditions for entering their desired reality.

Script Tip: “Now, place your attention on the pillow beneath you – feel its warmth, texture and weight as it cradles your head while supporting every bit of bodyweight that would otherwise be unsupported without it’s presence in our lives today. Imagine yourself shifting reality with each breath taken from this position – the more we relax into ourselves and appreciate everything around us no matter how small or seemingly insignificant; think about what changes could arise if we start to focus on positive thoughts instead of negative ones like worry or doubt? Let those possibilities sink in for a few moments before moving forward again…”

A women clasping hands in prayer referring to the intent method shifting reality technique

The Intent Method is a shifting technique based on the law of attraction that encourages individuals to set an intention for their desired outcome.

This involves focusing the listener’s thoughts towards manifesting their goals, allowing it to become part of their reality through practice and dedication. As usual, I always recommend writing realistic goals that are actionable in the listener’s current reality.

Script Tip: “Focus on the intention of manifesting success in every aspect of life- career, relationships, health and abundance. Feel gratitude for all that you have already achieved and be open to new possibilities ahead!”

Women in yoga meditation pose referring to Sunni method of shifting realities

The Sunni Method is a shifting technique that encourages individuals to focus on the present moment, rather than worrying about past or future events.

It can involve the listener visualizing themselves in a physical space and then taking slow breaths as they mentally move around this area. As they do so, they can be prompted to become aware of any sensations such as smells, sounds and feelings that arise with each breath. This method can assist those who struggle with anxiety by helping them stay grounded in the here-and-now instead of ruminating on their worries or fears.

Script Tip: “Breath in the present moment… And breath out the past… All that really matters right now is the here and now.”

A man with his hands clasped over his heart referring to the heartbeat shifting method

The Heartbeat Method is a shifting practice that involves focusing on the rhythm of one’s heartbeat.

It encourages self-awareness and relaxation by helping individuals to slow their breathing, relax their muscles, and connect with themselves as they shift into their desired reality. Instruct the listener to sit or lay down comfortably and close their eyes as you focus entirely on feeling the vibration from each beat of their heart.

SCRIPT TIP: “Feel the calm settle in. Imagine yourself at the center of your heart, feeling its gentle beat. Follow that heartbeat as it radiates outward – expanding outwards with every breath you take until all stress melts away from your body and mind... Feeling so ready, and so willing now to shift into your desired reality.”

Women with closed eyes and hands on temples concentrating adhd shifting method

The ADHD Method is a shifting technique designed to help those with attentional limitations, focus on the present moment.

This method can involve the visualization of an elevator that leads to the the floor of one’s desired reality. The listener can be prompted to focus on aspects of the reality they wish to shift to as they ascend each floor. As their mental “elevator” moves from one aspect to another, the listener can take time at each level of the process for reflection and further visualization before entering their desired state.

Script Tip:Close your eyes and imagine yourself in an elevator. As it moves from one floor to the next, consider what is might feel like in your desired reality. Take deep breaths and feel a sense of calm as you visualize yourself ascending higher and higher, every second zipping past countless levels of realities…. And just enjoy the excitement of knowing that out of all these realities, you are going to one just made especially for you.

A black woman dancing with headphones to the estelle shifting method

This method of shifting technique is designed to create an immersive experience where the listener can literally dance their way into their desired reality.

It begins with arranging a playlist or preparing a song that reminds the listener of their desired reality and finding an environment in which the conditions are perfect for physically moving around. When the music track comes near its completion, you can guide the listener towards some form of door, hallway, or portal which signifies when it’s time for them to return to their default reality. You can also let the music play throughout the entire recording.

Script Tip: “Imagine yourself standing in front of a beautiful door. You feel safe here. As the music plays, you open the door to access your desired reality – wherever that may be – feeling calm and relaxed as you transition through this portal.”

10 Popular Desired Reality Shifting Locations

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Star Wars
  3. The Wizarding World of Disney
  4. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
  5. Lord of the Rings
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Jurassic Park/World
  8. The Matrix
  9. Avatar: The Last Airbender / Legend of Korra
  10. Alice in Wonderland

When writing guided meditations for reality shifting, you can craft powerful and meaningful experiences to help your clients enhance their current reality, rather than simply escaping it. Through powerful visualizations and cognitive restructuring of false beliefs, you can offer shifting as an opportunity for skill building, reprogramming the subconscious mind, and increasing confidence and self-esteem. In this way, reality shifting can become another tool for self-growth and self-transformation.

10 Popular Desired Reality Themes for Self-Transformation

  1. Achieving success
  2. Managing stress and anxiety
  3. Working towards self-love
  4. Visualizing a better life
  5. Overcoming fear and doubt
  6. Cultivating relationships with others
  7. Being physically fit
  8. Finding peace in chaos
  9. Reaching financial freedom
  10. Learning to live purposefully

Reality Shifting Meditation Script – Step by Step Video Guide

Free Reality Shifting Templates For Self-Improvement

Free Reality Shifting Template Legend of Korra
Free Reality Shifting Template Samurai – For Overcoming Fear of Women

Is Shifting Realities Dangerous?

When used properly, the shifting realities trend can be employed in conjunction with therapeutic strategies like hypnosis and meditation to facilitate personal growth and spiritual enhancement; however, misapplication of these techniques could lead to negative outcomes.

Unrealistic Expectations

The potential negative impacts of the shifting realities trend could include creating unrealistic expectations or an over-reliance of using this tool. If used improperly, it can lead to a false sense of security and certainty when making decisions which may have unforeseen consequences in the future. If individuals become too immersed within their own narrative they might overlook important details that are necessary for success while overlooking alternative options due to tunnel vision. Furthermore, since visualization isn’t always 100% accurate there runs the risk of people becoming overly attached/invested in outcomes that were never even possible-  resulting in disappointment later on down the line.

Daydream Addiction (Escape from Reality)

If someone gets addicted to shifting realities, it can have a number of negative impacts on their life. The most obvious effect is that they may become more and more focused on the potential outcomes of different decisions instead of actually taking action in order to make those things happen. This could lead them down an endless cycle where they keep visualizing scenarios but never follow through with any kind of actual steps toward achieving what was envisioned which would obviously be very discouraging over time!

Severe Mental Illness

Shifting realities may not be suitable for people suffering from severe mental illness, including narcissism, schizophrenia and PTSD as these conditions can lead to an unhealthy obsession with one’s own thoughts. Visualization techniques used within a therapeutic setting should always remain grounded in reality or else it could create false hope which could potentially worsen the situation if expectations are too high/unrealistic—this is especially true when dealing with disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder where individuals tend to focus excessively on their perceived grandeur rather than accepting any kind of constructive criticism that might actually benefit them long-term.

Shifting should be used with caution for those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due its potential risk triggering flashbacks associated past events. Engaging in activities like meditation, or suggestive hypnosis would likely more beneficial towards helping this person process emotions related trauma instead relying solely upon shifting realities. Ultimately each individual will need tailored approach based off their particular needs so consulting professional help is always the best way to ensure a therapeutic experience.

The Future of the Shifting Realities Trend

With the rise of technological advances, the shifting realities trend could one day be combined with virtual reality technology to create immersive, interactive guided visualizations.

For example, a user might put on a VR headset and find themselves in an environment that encourages self-reflection or positive thinking while they listen to affirmations spoken by a narrator. This combination of shifting realities technique and virtual reality technology could help users achieve their goals more quickly than traditional methods alone.

Enjoy this free 600-word shifting reality meditation script to help you shift into your desired reality.

*This is an adaptation of my customer’s script 

Free Meditation Script for Shifting Realities Countdown Method


Welcome to this shifting guided meditation.

Here, I will guide you through the process of transitioning your consciousness from the current reality into your desired reality.

Before we begin our multidimensional journey, ensure that you are well hydrated and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration of this session.

Additionally, I encourage you to script out details about the desired reality that you’d like to shift into.

You can write it down or simply affirm it within your mind – if you can think it, then you can shift there!

Maybe you wish to transition to an alternative reality of your favorite sci-fi or fantasy book, or perhaps just focus on a positive frequency that will help reinforce any goals in this reality.

[Breath Induction]

When you are ready, I would like you to lay down on your back, with your arms and legs slightly spread apart from your body.

Close your eyes….and begin to settle your awareness on your breathing.

Take some time to breath deeply, filling your lungs with energizing oxygen, and releasing all the old air from your body….Imagine your blood cells collecting the essence of that air and transporting it to every organ in your body. Your heart, your brain….Feel yourself becoming invigorated by this natural process.

[Progressive Muscle Relaxation]

Starting at the tips of your fingers, allow yourself to scan every inch of your body, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, face, back, chest, stomach, abdomen, legs and feet.

As you do this release any lingering tension and feel yourself sinking down into the surface beneath you with every out breath.

Notice how loose and limp your body has become as contentment fills your mind.

[Reinforcement: Affirmations]

Repeat these mental reinforcements silently in your head:

My body is at ease and my thoughts are clear.

I release all the negative energy that binds me to this reality.

I am now prepared to enter the reality I choose.

[Shifting Instructions]

In a few moments, I will begin counting from 100 to 0. With each number that you hear, your ability to bring about the reality of your choice will become stronger and more powerful. Should you wish to bring this session to an end or return to your present reality, simply say “Returning Home”.

Remember, you are always safe and in control here.

[Shifting Sequence: Countdown Method + Affirmations]

I am now preparing to shift into my desired reality…. 99….98…97…96…95 (subliminal: focus on the breath)..94..93..92..91…90.. I easily align with the energy of my desired reality and let go of any resistance within me. 89..88..87..86..85 (deeper)…84…83…82…81…80. I free myself from all limiting beliefs and blocks that keep me from manifesting what I desire…79…78…77…76…75(Release)…74…73…72…71…70…Releasing all that no longer serves me and allowing space for new possibilities to emerge…69….68…67…66…65 (Quantum Theory)…64…63…62…61…60….Opening up to the unseen forces of the universe that manifest in every moment…59…58…57…56…55 (Transporting Consciousness)…54…53…52…51…50…My consciousness is shifting beyond the physical realm, transporting me to my desired reality…49…48…47…46…45 (Shifting Consciousness)…44…43…42…41…40…Feeling lighter and lighter as I enter this new vibrational frequency…39…38…37…36…35 (Reality)…34…33…32…31.30…I am fully present in my desired reality, every part of me is here now. 29…28…27…26…25… (Present Moment)…24…23…22…21…20…Awareness of the power of the present moment and all that it offers…19…18…17…16…15 (Destination)…14…13…12…11…10…My destination has been reached; I have arrived at this new place! 9…8…7…6…5(Be Here Now)4…3…2…1… And 0

Fully embodying this newfound presence as I become one with my desired reality.

You are now in your desired reality.

[Desired Reality]

Take a moment to explore your senses and get in touch with who you are.

Notice the shape of your body, the way it feels, and observe what is around you.

Listen for any sounds that may be present and pay attention to who else is near you.

Feel into any sensations that arise within your body, noting down any thoughts or images that come up as well.

Take your time here and stay as long as you’d like before using the words “Return Home” when you’re ready to come back to this reality, bringing anything useful with you from this experience.

[Music to play until end of recording]

Watch This Free Shifting Reality Meditation

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